Italian Language Courses
Language courses are organised according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, from absolute beginners (A1) to advanced (C2):

  1. A1 (Breakthough)
  2. A2 (Waystage)
  3. B1 (Threshold)
  4. B2 (Vantage)
  5. C1 (Effective Operational Proficiency)
  6. C2 (Mastery)

Intensive program: 20 hours per week (80 hours per month) Monday to Friday
General program: 16 hours per week (64 hours per month) Monday to Thursday

Individual Courses
Individual lessons are carried out with a dedicated language instructor. Lessons are custom-made to meet your needs and language-learning goals.

Theme-based Courses
We offer the following theme-based courses in:

  1. Italian Literature
  2. History and Philosophy
  3. Art and Architecture
  4. Language for specific work-related fields (medicine, economy, engineering, IT, politics, accademia)

There is a 5 student minimum to activate a course. Theme-based courses take place in the afternoon and evening hours only. Please contact us for additional information regarding the cost of extra curricular activities, personalised and theme-based courses and group pricing with or without extra activities.

Course code Date for 2024 Duration Price (€) Extra activities
05 OR 06 May – 30 May 2024 4 weeks 700 + VAT Not included
07 INT 01 July – 26 July 2024 4 weeks 700 + VAT Not included
08 INT 05 August – 30 August 2024 4 weeks 700 + VAT Not included
09 OR 02 September – 26 September 2024 4 weeks 700 + VAT Not included
Course code Date for 2025 Duration Price (€) Extra activities
05 OR 05 May – 30 May 2025 4 weeks 700 + VAT Not included
07 INT 01 July-25 July 2025 4 weeks 700 + VAT Not included
08 INT 04 August-29 August 2025 4 weeks 700 + VAT Not included
09 OR 01 September-26 September 2025 4 weeks 700 + VAT Not included
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Language and cultural studies are supported by extra curricular activities which provide a variety of opportunities to experience the distinct cultural traditions of the region and to interact with local residents. Each extra curricular activity includes 4 meetings, each of which is lasts approximately 3 hours. A minimum of 6 students is required to activate an extra curricular course. Students are able to choose among the following:

Italian Cooking Lessons: At each meeting you will prepare an authentic Italian meal using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Painting on ceramic: A skilled local expert will teach you how to paint on ceramic objects such as cups, bowls and plates.

Stone carving: The local stone is soft and can be easily carved and worked into a variety of shapes. Stone carving classes are conducted by a skilled local expert who will help you to create your unique sculpture.

Papier-mâché: Experience one of the most typical arts of the local tradition. A skilled local expert will teach you the basic know how to start and complete a papier mâché sculpture of your choice.

Folk dance (pizzica pizzica): To the rhythm of tambourines, you will learn the basic steps of the hypnotic traditional folk dance called pizzica pizzica.

The school organises day trips to Otranto, Gallipoli, Ostuni, Alberobello and other fascinating sites in Salento. For more information about our excursions, please contact us with any questions you may have.

Housing assignments are based on a survey of housing preferences expressed through the application form.

The school can provide assistance to find accommodation. The price of accommodation organised by the school includes transfers from the train station or from the city terminal to your lodgings, and assistance from our student experience staff. The price will depend on the type of accommodation requested. If you wish you can organize your own accommodation.

Student apartments
Student apartments are the best option for those who wish to share this experience with other people. To facilitate the use of Italian as a lingua franca the apartments are usually integrated, with a mix of Italians and students from other countries. Located close to the language school, student apartments are comfortable and have shared bathroom and kitchen facilities.

Single and double occupancy is offered. Bedding and facilities are included in the cost. Occupancy starts from 12.00 noon of the Saturday before the courses start until 3:00 pm of the Saturday after the courses end.

Studio apartment
Couples or individual students who prefer a more independent and private setting can opt for a studio apartment. Each studio apartment is well furnished and is generally located in the historical center.

Living with an Italian family is a greater opportunity to open a more intimate window into a new culture and experience the real Italian lifestyle. The student is generally integrated into the family life. Each homestay family is selected and monitored according to strict criteria and to qualities such as sincere interest in learning about other cultures and willingness to devote time to talking and doing things with the student thus encouraging total language and cultural immersion. Homestay families live near the school or in areas well connected by bus. Single or double rooms are offered. The home stay program fee includes breakfast and one meal (lunch or dinner).

For more information about accommodation, please contact us with any questions you may have: